Tissue Repair Technologies Limited

TRT is actively searching for investors

With strong market demand for novel and effective wound healing products, TRT aims at securing a revenue-earning licensing agreement, based on its lead compound, with a pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies at the end of early Phase II clinical trials. TRT is actively searching for investors and partners in order to get to this stage. Based on comparable transactions the company believes it has a high likelihood of achieving an out-licensing deal of significant value within 5 years.  

Diabetic foot ulcers are not the only type of pathology associated with wound healing. Impaired wound healing is commonly present in the elderly and individuals suffering from neuropathy and /or poor circulation. It is estimated the healthcare costs of diabetic chronic wounds (£700m-£900m p.a. in the UK ) represents approximately a third of the total cost of all chronic wounds. An additional burden of wound healing is the problem of skin scarring, a $12 billion annual market in the USA.

Investment in TRT may be eligible for either SEIS or EIS tax relief

On successful development of an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, TRT would look to expand the application of MSF based therapies to other conditions in which wound healing is compromised. These include bedsores and other non-healing wounds in the elderly, post-surgery impaired healing, burns, certain skin conditions, prevention of scarring, etc.

The unique properties of MSF bioactives further provide a rational basis for developing future "pipe-line" novel therapeutic strategies. These may include, for example (i) next generation of synthetic non-peptide mimetics, (ii) purpose-designed bioengineered matrix scaffolds loaded with MSF bioactives, and (iii) novel drugs targeting MSF-specific signal transduction.

Besides the wound healing market, TRT has identified pipe-line developments applicable to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as veterinary medicine.


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