Tissue Repair Technologies Limited

Our lead compound

There is an urgent need to produce more effective treatments for non-healing wounds.

The solution proposed by TRT is based on the unique characteristics of MSF bioactives, including the parental protein (MSF) and its synthetic mimetics. TRT's lead compound, TRT-8174, offers a number of clinical and commercial competitive advantages over currently available Advanced Wound Care (AWC) treatments. The scientific, technical and commercial unique selling propositions (USPs) of our products are closely interlinked.


(1) THE LEAD COMPOUND, TRT-8174, is a novel and unique small synthetic chemical molecule designed to mimic the key three dimensional binding motif of MSF.

(2) Unlike other advanced wound care (AWC) medicines, MSF bioactives DO NOT INDUCE CELL PROLIFERATION.

(3) MSF bioactives show unprecedented POTENCY, eliciting half-maximal activity at femtomolar concentrations in tissue culture and promoting wound healing in vivo when using only 3-4 applications of picogram doses.

(4) SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION MECHANISMS show a clear distinction between MSF, which inhibits AKT activation on the target cells, and other factors used as AWC medicines, which commonly stimulate AKT activation.

(5) MSF bioactivity and expression is MODULATED BY THE EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX. This is relevant as it may be used to fine-tuning therapeutic intervention. Matrix modulation has not been reported for current AWC factors.

(6) MSF EXPRESSION MAY BE SWITCHED ON AND OFF in a reversible fashion.



(8)  MANUFACTURING of TRT-8174 and other MSF mimetics is simple and inexpensive.  

(9)   APPLICATION.  Presently available AWC biologics require prolonged and repeated applications at high concentrations. TRT-8174 may require a single or a very small number of applications at very low concentrations.  

(10)  STERILITY. TRT-8174 and other synthetic MSF bioactives are very robust, they can be autoclaved without loss of bioactivity.  

(11)  STABILITY. TRT-8174 has been stored as a dry powder for years, and in solution for months without loss of activity.  

(12)  SAFETY of TRT-8174 is anticipated to be good due to the extremely small doses required, topical application and the absence of any biologically-sourced materials (such as serum and cells) in its fabrication or composition. Preliminary pharmacokinetic data indicate probable lack of toxicity. 

13)  TRT's BUSINESS MODEL. A virtual drug discovery company with intangible assets, possibly using Joint Ventures as the route to market and to minimize costs and risk.

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